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Intel Workshop

Experimenting with electronics using Arduino is fun, but what if you need more software and networking capabilities ? There's a board for that : the Intel Galileo. It's an Intel based linux PC with analogic and digital IO, plus USB and other typical PC ports. During this workshop, we'll see how to code for Internet of Things using Intel Galileo. Any linux compatible language can be used. We'll also brainstorm to find the best IoT project ideas. Should you want to see the technical details and get ready, Open Source Courseware can be found at :

Speaker bio: Trained as a biologist, Paul Guermonprez worked for 8 years in the biotech field as a software developer and bioinformatician. He then joined Intel Software as an application engineer to optimize parallel software in the biotech and medical field. After 5 years, Paul took in charge the Intel Software Academic Program for the EMEA-Russia geo. The Academic program is developing technical collaborations with professors and students to make software fun and innovative. Various aspects of the program include : Hardware seeding programs, workshops, contests, mentorship. Topics covered : Internet of Things, HPC, mobile programming, perceptual computing.